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1979 Mercedes-Benz 300SD
w116 Chassis
73,000 miles!!!
(117,000 kilometers)


Walk Around

  • Euro Bumpers!

  • Euro Headlights!

  • Rotella T4 15W40 Oil and New Oil Filter

  • New Oil Pan and Gasket

  • Transmission Fluid and Filter

  • Transmission Pan Gasket

  • Differential Fluid Change

  • Radiator Coolant Flush

  • Brake Fluid Flush

  • Power Steering Fluid and Filter

  • Air Filter

  • New Hood Pad

  • All new Copper Fuses

  • New Fuel Filter Cap Gasket

  • New Air Filter

  • Valve adjustment

  • New Valve cover Gasket

  • Valve Cover Cleaned & Polished

  • New Air Filter Housing Dampers

  • New belts

  • New Shifter Bushings

  • New Oil Cooler Lines (upper & lower)

  • New diesel return lines

  • Cleaned, Lubricated & Adjusted throttle linkages

  • New O-ring on Filter Housing Central Part

  • New Coolant Reservoir Cap

  • Breaks - Two new Caps on Reservoir Level Sensors

  • Two new Grommets on Brake Master Cylinder

  • Four New Brake Hoses

  • New Inner / Outer Bearings

  • New Bearing Seals

  • New Rear Sway Bar Links

  • Four New Wheel Rotors (ZimmerMann)

  • New Break Pads (Front - ATE, Rear - Bosh)

  • New HW for Rear Brakes

  • New Emergency Parking Brake Pads

  • New Spring on Engine Chain Tensioner

  • New Front Crank Shaft Seal

  • New Thermostat

  • New Water Pump

  • New Coolant Short Hose for thermostat housing

  • New Steering Dumper

  • New High Pressure Power Steering Hose

  • New Climate Control Servo Aluminum Housing
  • Door Straps cleaned and lubricated
  • New Gaskets for Turbo Air Intake
  • New OEM Gaskets on Oil Filter Housing
  • Replaced Lower Oil Cooler Fitting
  • Diesel Purge (2 cans)
  • New Fuel Filters
  • New Tires & Wheel Alignment
  • Greased Hirschman Antenna with Lithium Grease
  • Fuel Tank removed and boiled at Radiator shop
  • Anodized Aluminum Polished
  • New A/C Temp sensor installed on Dryer
  • New Waste Gate Hose
  • Five New Bosch Glow Plugs, rimmed out the carbon
  • New A/C Compressor. System re-charged with R134a
  • Installed good Used Fuel Sensor
  • Replaced Connecting rubber (accordion) Hose at Driver side 
  • Window Motor and Retractor were lubricated (driver door)
  • New Tachometer Sender Cable
  • Fixed dash light (rheostat)
  • Glow Plug Relay - rebuilt
  • Fixed Throttle Pedal / Kick-down Switch
  • Fixed Ashtray +12V for USB charger
  • Glovebox cover Adjusted
  • New reinforced Motor Mounts
  • Changed steering fluid (Not ATF)
  • All Door Window glass channels cleaned and lubricated
  • Front seats slides cleaned and lubricated
  • All Door locks lubricated
  • Fixed the wood on A/C control panel
  • Turbo Charger Rebuilt
  • Injectors rebuilt with new Monark nozzles (1950 psi)
  • Idle adjusted to 750 RPM
  • Cleaned Fuel Sender
  • New injection pump Fuel Pressure bolt
  • New Injection pump rack damper bolt
  • Throttle links are adjusted to specs
  • Adjusted VCV vacuum for smooth transmission shifts
  • New Front Door Seals (MB original)

Test Drive

Undercarriage Inspection

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