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I purchased the 1987 300SDL from the guys and as you can see on

John’s You Tube video he did a complete and thorough job going through the car. Everything was just as he said and the buying experience was very professional. My local mechanic was very impressed with the car as well when I got it home.

I would love to see the 300TD he’s going through when he’s finished, but I’d better stay away. My wife is good with the SDL since she loves riding in it, I also have an excellent 1980 300SD she enjoys. She knows I would love to have the wagon but she most likely will not play nice anymore if I brought that home.

Bradley McCuen
Slidell, LA


I did not want to spend a year sorting a car. I wanted to begin enjoying it this summer. In April, I bought a 1985 300SD from John. He had worked on the car for months. If you go to his youtube channel you can see some of the work he did. 

These days it seems like most guys focus on the cosmetics and presentation of the car, leaving the mechanical issues for the next owner to sort out. In my experience John is just the opposite. His focus is on how the car runs drives and functions.

I never though I'd buy a 37 yr old MB without inspecting it in person. Well, I did. Once delivered, I had the local indy MB shop go through it with a fine tooth comb. They were very impressed both with the amount of work done and the workmanship. When I picked the car up the shop owner asked "Do you understand what you have here?"

I've now driven the car 2k miles and couldn't be happier!

Thank you John.

Richard Couch
Portland, ME


I had a great experience with John Woods purchasing my 1984 300SD last week. I visited his shop before purchasing where he showed me how he “babies” the cars he sells. His niche is older diesels, and I believe he is a master of the art. I was able to drive two cars, a 1995 300D and the 1984 SD. Both were in excellent condition but I couldn’t resist the overall experience of the W126. If you are looking for an older MB diesel, call, or better yet, go see John.

Donnie Connell
Tifton, GA


Here is my review of John’s new dealership/restoration shop...

I bought a 1998 E300 from John Woods, he negotiated on price with me and made sure I was a happy customer. His shop is super nice, he showed me around to all the other projects he had going at the time. He has tons of knowledge on these Mercedes cars, it was a very cool experience. In all I am satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend his expertise in this field.

Eli Ladwig
Waynesbueg, KY


We bought a gorgeous 1980 300SD from John. He was great to work with and the car is an amazing time capsule.

Pre-purchase he answered every question, described the process of tracking it down and getting it ready for sale in detail and the car is exactly as he presented it.

We are definitely keeping an eye on his inventory hoping that he finds another gem that’s on our ‘list’.

Ted Uiterwyk
Dunwoody, GA


I picked up a 1982 300 TD wagon last week from John. It exceeded expectations. It was all original and drives like a dream. The price was both fair and a good value. He got me aquatinted with the car and all of its quirks. As well as a crash course maintenance class. He bent over backwards to help me with my existing 240 D that I brought in to his shop. I was very pleased with my entire interaction with John and hope to continue a relationship with him and his company. I would definitely consider another purchase from His company.

Dustin Calhoun
Lakeland, FL


Upperville, VA

This past Sunday I took delivery of a 1985 Mercedes CD from John Woods.  The car’s condition, mechanicals, and maintenance exceeded my expectations.  I have watched John’s videos since July reconditioning this vehicle and fell in love with this rare coupe.  John was a joy to work with and always was direct, professional, and painstakingly honest.  His workmanship is simply amazing and only wish I had met him years ago.  I look forward to many more transactions with John as he searches for candidates on my Mercedes wish list!  


Stan Waclaw
Westville, IL

Had a great experience! Drove 600 miles home without a hiccup. Beautifully restored by John. Received many thumbs up along the way. I would recommend the business to anyone searching for a quality vehicle!


Sebastian Bularz
Seattle, WA

I bought a really clean 1987 SDL from John. Great experience, car was better than I expected. I’ve bought many classic cars over the years, some great some not as described. John was easy to deal with, he knows his Mercedes cars. I’d recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a classic MB.


Larry Chonoski
Blountsville, AL

I have spent a couple of days with the 1985 Mercedes Benz 300SD purchased from Woods and Barclay Automotive. I am very happy with the purchase price paid and the quality of the vehicle purchased. After watching the videos John posted regarding his meticulous restoration of the vehicle, I knew the vehicle I bought would be worth every penny paid. All the work performed after John acquired it from the previous owner was well documented and seeing the vehicle in person simply just sealed the deal for me. It was a pleasure meeting the owners of Woods and Barclay to say the least. I will be following along to see what is next. These cars are just awesome and a blast to drive! Also, a big shout out to Thomas and Jefferson for the tennis ball catching entertainment. An enjoyable day. 😁


I just took delivery on a 1982 240D I bought from Woods & Barclay. What a beauty! Manual transmission and fun to drive. John is a pleasure to deal with. He pays attention to every detail before and after the sale. After watching the videos he made of this car, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I would highly recommend John and his company. I doubt you'd be disappointed.

Wayne Williams
Eureka Springs. Arkansas

We discovered John Woods on his YouTube channel while searching for a Classic Mercedes Benz. His passion for restoration is very evident from the moment you meet him. After visiting his shop and seeing his inventory it is obvious that he only buys the best for his shop. He takes so much pride in his restorations that he documents the entire process.
We would highly recommend Woods and Barclay Automotive to family and friends. 


Jim & Wil Sinor

Woods and Barclay's work with cars far exceeds anything that I have ever seen. When I drove on the lot where my cars will temporarily be stored, the General Manager followed me on foot because she was awestruck by the quality of the restoration. Everyone that saw the car had the exact same reaction and took pictures-particularly my family! Great job! Keep putting out this level of quality cars and quality videos.


Ricky Helton
Washington D. C.


I have owned over 100 cars in my lifetime but my recent purchase of the black 1983 Mercedes 300CD is by far my best purchase.  The very rare combination of a black exterior with a palamino leather interior caught my eye when I first saw the car on your website.  Your videos gave me a perfect description of this flawless classic and when I saw it in person I was not disappointed.  This is definitely a time capsule with 56000 original miles, a spotless interior including a like new dash, original paint that looks like it came right out of the showroom, and a flawless ride with everything working like new (even the clock works).  John presented this car as a "Unicorn" and that indeed is what it is.  Spectacular look, spectacular feel, and spectacular ride.  I am a stemcell survivor who decided to explore the world for the perfect ride and it was right down the road.  Thanks John.


Dick Mcallaster

Saint Simons Island, GA.


I have always loved the Mercedes W123's having owned 4 prior to my recent acquisition of a 1985 300 turbodiesel from John Woods. I can say unequivocally that my experience with John was beyond my expectations. He is a meticulous professional and knows these cars better than anyone. He takes a supremely well engineered automobile and brings them back to their original showroom condition. John loves what he does and it shows. Spending a Saturday afternoon with John and his team was a real treat and I am looking forward to my next purchase.


Trigg McClellan
Nashville, TN



It was great to finally meet you this past Saturday when Cam and I came down to pick up the car.  From our initial conversations all the way through signing all of the paperwork, you made the process very easy.  The car was just as advertised and I am an extremely happy new owner.  Cam and I arrived in Roswell on an Economy flight and we drove back home in First Class!!  Thanks for everything and a big thanks for doing what you do in saving and preserving these cars.  It gives a whole new generation of drivers the chance to experience some of the best cars ever built.

Tim Fetner

Macon, NC


Thanks to John, I was fortunate to get a beautiful 1984 300D. This may be my forever car. I broke the conventional rules in obtaining this classic. Bought sight unseen, no 3rd party inspection, no questions asked on price. The buying experience was fantastic, from the first phone call to delivery. John's videos speak for themselves; the value, attention to detail, the passion for preserving these classics and teaching us about them.  Woods & Barclay is doing for old diesel Mercedes, what Singer did for the 911. Only they're not a million dollars and you can drive them. 

David Levi 
Miami, FL 


Our Woods & Barclay 1985 300D arrived on Saturday. It is everything and more than we ever expected!! It will share its new home with our 63 220SB fintail and our other 1985 300D. John, we cannot thank you enough for the joy you have brought to our family.
We decided to name our new addition Alfonso after my grandfather who was everything to me. Woods & Barclay may not be the least expensive, BUT, if you ever have the opportunity to acquire one of their gems, I can tell you, you will have no regrets. John made the entire transaction a wonderful experience from start to delivery.
Many thanks John, for being a straight shooter, a true Master, and for the passion you have for passing your amazing cars on for others like ourselves to enjoy for generations to come. 


George Cerecedes

Lake Arrowhead Ca. 

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