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Woods and Barclay exclusive
"Private Collection"


1980 Mercedes 300SD
w116 Chassis


58,000 Miles
Original Window Sticker
Service Records
Original VIN Plate
All Books and Manuals
Show Car Condition


Meeting the Owner and Picking up the Car

Walk Around

  • New Tie Rods

  • New Ball Joints

  • New Center Link

  • New Axles Boots

  • New Engine Mounts

  • New Engine Shocks

  • New Climate Control AC Servo

  • New Climate Control Amplifier

  • R134 AC Conversion

  • New Compressor

  • New Dryer

  • New AC Pressure Switch

  • New AC Auxiliary Fan

  • New Air Conditioner Blower Switch

  • All new hoses

  • New Belts

  • New Front Crankshaft seal

  • Valve Adjustment

  • New Valve Cover Gasket

  • Lubricated Throttle Linkage

  • NOS Transmission Kick Down Solenoid

  • New Vacuum valves on valve cover

  • Cleaned Manifold to ALDA Line

  • New Bulbs

  • New Injector Primer Pump

  • New Hella H4 Headlights

  • New Main Fuel Filter and Pre Filter

  • Disassembled and Cleaned Fuel Sender

  • Coolant Flush

  • Oil Change 15w40 Rotella

  • Brake Fluid Flush

  • Rear Differential Oil Changed

  • Transmission Fluid and Filter changed

  • Replaced Gauge Cluster Bulbs

  • Replaced Shifter Bulb

  • New Diesel Return Lines

  • New In tank Filter

  • Cleaned Fuel Level Sender

  • New tank to hard Line rubber fuel lines

  • New Air Filter

  • New Air Cleaner housing mounts

  • New Fuel Primer Pump

  • Cleaned Vacuum lines

  • Lubricated Window Tracks

  • Lubricated Door Straps

  • New Steering Shaft Coupler

  • New Windshield Wiper Inserts

  • Replaced Dome Light Bulb

  • Replaced Dimmer Switch

Undercarriage Inspection


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