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1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D
112,000 miles!!!
Fully Documented from Day 1
Original Window Sticker
Original Data Plate
Original Owners Manuals

7 Part Video Series below showing
refurbishment process



Part 1: Meeting the owner, valve adjustment, throttle linkage

Part 2 - Center Console Wood, Interior, Wheels, Radio, Vacuum Lines

Part 3 - Axles Boots, Sway Bar End links, Diff Service

Part 4 - Service, New AC System, NOS Wheels, Suspension Inspection, Becker Restored Radio

Part 5 - Driveshaft Center Support, Flex Discs, Transmission Mount

Part 6 - Ball Joints, Control Arm Bushings, Shocks, Wheel Bearings, Brake Pad and Rotor Inspection

Walk Around

Test Drive

  • New AC Condenser and Seals

  • New AC Compressor

  • New AC Drier

  • New Mono Valve

  • AC Converted to R134

  • New AC Pressure Switch

  • New AC Temperature Switch

  • New AC Expansion Valve

  • New AC Climate Control Module

  • New Blower Motor

  • Radio Restored by Becker

  • New Ball Joints

  • New Control Arm Bushings

  • New Tie Rods

  • New Front Shocks

  • Repacked Wheel Bearings

  • New Driveshaft Center Support

  • New Center Support Bearing

  • New Radiator with correct Zerex coolant refilled

  • New Rear Calipers and Rotors

  • New Brake Hoses

  • New Front Rotors

  • Restored Original Center Console Wood Trim

  • New Front and Rear Flex Disc

  • New Transmission Mount

  • New Shifter Bushings

  • New Starter

  • Removed Interior and Deep Cleaned Carpets

  • NOS Original Bundt Wheels

  • New Tires

  • Rebuilt Original Axles with new Boots

  • New Sway bar End Links

  • New Cruise Control Module

  • New Rubber Vacuum line connectors

  • Disassembled, Cleaned and Lubricated Throttle Linkage

  • Valve Adjustment

  • New Air Cleaner Housing Bushings

  • Removed and Treated Battery tray to prevent rust

  • Lubricated Hood Hinges

  • Oil and Filter Change

  • Brake Fluid Flush

  • Differential Fluid Change

  • Transmission Pan Gasket and Filter Change

  • Power Steering Filter and Fluid Change

  • New Fuel Filter

  • Diesel Purge

  • New Wiper Blades

  • New Exhaust Hangers

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