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1985 Mercedes 300TD
"Surf Wagon"

One of the lowest mileage,
nicest wagons in the world
65,000 Miles!!!
Surf Blue Exterior
Blue Interior
All Books and Manuals
All Service Record
Fully Sorted and Ready To Go

  • Valve Adjustment

  • New Valve Cover Gasket

  • New Front Brake Calipers

  • New Rear Brake Calipers

  • New Brake Pads

  • New Brakes Hoses

  • New Ball Joints

  • New Tie Rods

  • New Center Link

  • New Steering Shock

  • New Wheel Bearings

  • New Wheel Bearing Seals

  • New Front Bilstein Shocks

  • New Upper Oil Cooler Line

  • New Lower Oil Cooler Line

  • New SLS Accumulators

  • New SLS Leveling Valve

  • New SLS Leveling Rod

  • Axles Rebuilt and Booted by CVSource

  • New Rear Sway bar End links

  • New Engine Mounts

  • New Engine Shock Dampers

  • Lubricated Hirschman Antenna

  • Woods Refinished By Madera Concepts

  • New Throttle Linkage Bushing

  • New Sunroof Gasket

  • New Door Gaskets

  • Disassembled and Cleaned Window Switches and Side Mirror Switch

  • Rebuilt Becker Radio

  • Restored Original Radio Wiring


  • Re-Zinc Plated Engine Compartment

  • New Transmission Cooler Lines

  • New Radiator

  • Dash Removed and Vacuum Pods Replaced

  • New Window Brushes

  • New Door Striker Inserts

  • Rebuilt Cruise Control Module

  • Rebuilt Fuel Level Sending Unit

  • New Gauge Cluster Bulbs

  • New Dimmer Switch

  • New AC Compressor

  • New AC Receiver/Dryer

  • New High Pressure AC Switch

  • New AC Temp Switch

  • New Exhaust Hangers

  • Re-Tightened Seat Nets

  • Lubricated Sunroof

  • Oil and Filter Change

  • Brake Fluid Change

  • Power Steering Fluid and Filter

  • Coolant Flush

  • SLS Fluid Flushed

  • Differential Oil Changed

  • 4 Stage Paint Correction

  • Professionally Detailed

  • Cleaned and Degreased Engine Compartment

  • OEM Original Bundt Wheels

  • New Wheel Center Caps

  • New Tires

Part 1 - Taking Delivery of the Wagon

Part 2 - Initial Inspection

Part 3 -  Dash Removal, Climate Control, Door Gaskets, Sunroof Seal, Window Brushes, Door Straps, Door Strikers and Visor Mirror Inserts

Part 4 - Cruise Control and Dash Install

Part 5 - Radio Wiring, Switches, Wood Trim, Gauge Cluster, Window Regulators and Seat Nets

Part 6 - Self Leveling Valve, Accumulators, Axles and Brakes

Part 7 - Front Suspension, Engine Mounts, Oil Lines, Brakes

Part 8 - Air Conditioner, Compressor, Dryer and Switch

Part 9 - Zinc Plating Engine Compartment

Part 10 - Paint Correction and Professional Detailing

Part 11 - Test Drive

Part 12 - Walk Around FOR SALE!!!

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